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Why So Much Talk About Giving in Church

Dr. Mike Murdock says, "every sin is a sin of dishonor (Rom. 13:1-2)" and this is a powerful little statement that stuck with me and that many don't realize is enacted in their lives. So I want to put that out there 1st for you to keep it in the forefront of your mind as I begin to share on honor, honoring, and honorariums.

If I asked the average Christian believer do they love Father God, the Lord Jesus (King of Kings), and the Holy Spirit they would say a big loud unquestionable YES. However, when you speak on offerings and giving most of that same crowd becomes doubtful, begins to shrink back, feels an inner war begin to ensue, and begins to question this simple PRINCIPLE OF HONOR: GIVING. So let's look at a few definitions starting with HONOR. Honor is a source of high respect and esteem, it is to regard or treat with admiration and respect. We honor those we respect and see as "due" honor (Rom 13:6-7). Honoring should be done willingly, but whenever it is done it precipitates a blessing. Let's say that again "honor precipitates a blessing" meaning it MAKES blessings come. The word in Exodus 20:12, "Honor thy father and mother...that your days may be long" is the 1st commandment with a promise/blessing attached to it. So, honor in and of itself holds the power to produce life and blessings. Now let's look at the definition of honorarium. Honorarium is a "gift" "voluntary payment" "allowance" rendered to one whom you HONOR for a service in which a set fee is NOT attached, but warranted and justified. It, an honorarium, is given with the knowledge that what they possess is honorable and worth honoring. We see this when Abraham encountered Melchizedek in Genesis 14:18-20 which is the first place we see "tithes" in the scripture and it was not a command but a bestowment (GIFT) of HONOR to a King and Priest (Melchizedek). When Jesus was born they brought gifts as a show of honoring who He was (Matt. 2:11). When Queen of Sheba went to see King Solomon, and determine if he was as honorable as it had been told to her she brought gifts with her, and once she recognized it was true she released the honorarium (2Chron 9:9). Likewise, when tithes and offerings were brought to the priest in the Old Testament it was because they were honored to have an audience with God FOR the people and SHOULD rightly be honored and cared for because of such duty. So, if any New Testament priest (i.e. Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher) prays for you, sows the word into you, lays hands on you for healing or impartation, speaks into your life to edify comfort or exhort, interprets a dream for you, prophesies to you unlocking your destiny or breaking chains and bondages off of you, or reaches into the heavenlies (eternal) to manifest blessing and promise into your earthly (now) than in righteousness you should bestow HONOR AND HONORARIUMS. You SHOULD NOT have to be prompted, told, or asked to do so. It is just RIGHT!

On the flip side of that, we cannot fail to address the realities of many having needs and are unable to get support from the church. Correction must happen on all fronts. In Acts 4:32-37 we see that the gathering of resources was NOT just to benefit the leadership but the ENTIRE community (church) so that everyone had what they needed. Giving, designed by God, is supposed to produce for all who sow. As long as the earth remains there will be "seed time (times of sowing/releasing) and harvest (times of reaping/gathering) (Gen. 8:22). We MUST not think that we should reap (get) and have not sown (given) nor that we should reap spiritual things and not be required to sow natural things (1Cor. 9:11).

However, because we have dishonorable people (leaders AND laity), people who most covet God's blessings and not His face or true relationship with Him, who want benefits without any personal investment, there is often a need for prompting. This is sad. It is sad because NO ONE goes to work and does not feel worthy of their pay. In fact, most often people feel undervalued by their compensation scales. Why then do we feel sick to our stomachs or disinterested when it's giving time in church/ in a bible study or small group? The law, in scripture, was for the lawless, yet it killeth (2Cor.3:6; 1Tim. 1:9-10)... Are we in need of the law? Do we take our "liberty" as an occasion to sin? Remember that "dishonor is a sin" and sin in and of itself produces death, curses, and damnation (Rom 13:2, 6:23; James 1:15). So purify your hearts, serve God with ALL you have (time, talents, and resources/money), and give righteous honor (respect/esteem/resources/money) to whom honor is due!

Sadira Davis

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