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Seizing Your Way of Escape

One morning in prayer God showed me a fairly prominent preacher from Arizona committing suicide. In my conversation with the Lord I sought greater understanding of why this is happening (pastors/leaders committing suicide). I want to share the revelation I received with you so you can identify, understand, and seize what God calls "THE WAY OF ESCAPE!" Based on 1 Corinthians 10 we are told first and foremost that it's not beneficial for us to be ignorant. Then a very clear example is laid out before us of what will cause us to be "OVERTHROWN" in the wilderness. Now when we ALL enter our wilderness "character-building" places it is intended for one purpose: it is to be transformative (to change us in form, appearance, condition, nature, and especially CHARACTER: perfecting). However, if we refuse the processing and become bitter we will be overthrown (destroyed) therein. In verses 6-10 it tell us of the things that MUST COME OFF in the wilderness:

1) lusting after what is evil (COVETOUSNESS/ inordinate or wrong desires/ that which is outside of the scope of your call/life),

2) lifting up, exalting, or honoring things out of proper context or either all together erroneously (IDOLATRY),

3) committing fornication (voluntary sex in an unmarried state),

4) tempting Christ (appealing to Him/Christ to agree with, condone, and partake in your sin; immoral, unwise, wrong doings),

5) murmuring (your private expressions of discontent, mad in your heart with God's process).

All of these things brings death and destruction. James 1:15 says, "when lust hath conceived, it brings forth sin, when IT (sin) is finished [undealt with], it bringeth forth death." In 1Cor. 10:13 it tells us that any and everything you've experienced has happened to somebody else; "common to man: BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL...[so that even though you're experiencing temptation] HE MAKES A WAY TO ESCAPE...[and for the measure that it still presents] YOU ARE ABLE TO BEAR IT [without succumbing to its power or influence]! When we reject the grace, window, or way of escape provided by the wilderness that we may live we accept and invoke death. Saul had a "way of escape" presented when David comforted him in prophetically playing the harp over him in 1 Samuel 16:23. However, as we see with Judas Iscariot and these pastors/leaders who are committing suicide their realization that REPENTANCE was required [that they were in ALL OUT SIN] happened too late. Matthew 27:3 says, "WHEN [Judas] saw [realized] that he was condemned, he repented" but it was too late at that point and in vs. 5 he hangs himself. The lie that the devil tries to convince people of is that they have no sin, but the Holy Spirit makes us aware of our sin (John 16:8) as do Prophets. We MUST repent IN the wilderness/the window/the way of escape moments and not when we realize we're caught or found out. God will send prophets like he did David to Saul to present a "sound" a word to provoke repentance and an atmosphere conducive for it. IF REPENTANCE DOES NOT COME DEATH (physical and/or spiritual) IS INEVITABLE!!! Moses died physically and did NOT enter the promise land, and many leaders have and will die physically in this season. Also, there are some who will physically live but think the prophets were off when the manifestation of things promised by God don't show up but it is in fact "dead" because of disobedience and lack of repentance NOT because the word wasn't true; it was CONDITIONAL as are MOST things with God. God is absolutely FAITHFUL and provides the grace needed to bear and overcome any stumbling block that we may be presented with that desires to separate us from the promise; FULL FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM in unencumbered peace and abundance. Therefore, we must REPENT REPENT REPENT that we shall surely be granted access to HIS promises, Promised Land, and the "sweetness" of the new season!


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