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"Sadira is a very wise woman beyond her age. She has talked me through resolving or coping with
many difficult life situations in my pursuit to finding my purpose and truth. I cherish every moment of
our conversations for I can consistently expect to receive heartfelt encouragement and advice. Sadira is a true woman of God and will always have my utmost love and respect."


~Sylvia C.,

Ellenwood, GA

“"Sadira has gifted me with a second chance for peace, FORGIVENESS, life's reality, truth, and a better
understanding of the awesome love God has for me. I would have never been able to get through the
difficult journey with depression and being "stuck" in that station of life without her willingness and
ability to coach me. I am forever grateful for all you have done for me. You are awesome!"

~Hyacinth S., Linden, N.J. ”

— Name, Title

"She has blessed my life with her insight. She is a builder to all souls. I am blessed to have been
taught, trained and mentored by her. She is gifted to bring God's people into their divine destinies and


~Marcia G., Philadelphia, PA

" Sadira has been my "rock in a weary land"......she's a woman of divine wisdom."


~Gena M., 

Fairburn, GA

" Sadira gives sound/scriptural based advice in love and truth. Her advice has helped strengthen my
marriage and my walk with Christ.


~Charles S., Stone

Mtn., GA

— Name, Title

"I met Sadira when I was going through one of the most challenging seasons in my life. She helped me
to process what I was feeling and going through, and she ALWAYS encouraged me and pointed me in
the right direction. I thank God for this divine connection"


~ Maia C.,

Philadelphia, PA

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