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The Believer’s Basics Handbook 


Building Blocks For A Solid Foundation In Christ And Kingdom Living


In The Believer’s Basics Handbook, Sadira Davis tackles several foundational concepts that somehow have eroded and disappeared from the radar of the modern believer’s life, and Christendom. Journey into this easy-to-read spirit inspired bible companion to discover how powerful you are meant to be, God’s plan for you as his heir, and all the great lengths that have been accomplished to ensure it.


You’ll find answers and gain greater insights regarding:


● Jesus Christ’s purpose, kingship, the five management offices that he instituted and how you fit into God’s grand plan.

● The Holy Spirit, His role, and all the great gifts available to you through him.

● The purpose of giving in church and the erroneous practices to beware of.

● The powerful kingdom currency of faith.

● Wrong and right ways to worship.

● How to determine spiritual parentage (fathers/mothers vs. teachers).

● What your life is supposed to look like as a Christian believer.


God has made every single human being hard-wired with phenomenal capabilities, gifts, skill sets, purpose and even “powers”. Being a Christian believer is in fact power-packed and involves so much more than what is known by most. In this book, Sadira Davis, lays the building blocks for you to create a solid foundation in Christ and kingdom living.


The fundamentals of Christianity fully unveiled; an indispensable resource for the modern-day Christian believer.

The Believer’s Basics Handbook - eBook

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