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Meet Sadira

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom, preacher and motivational speaker

Sadira Davis is a native of New Jersey turned into a "peach" after 25 years of residence in Georgia. She loves life and loves God's people: all of humanity.

Groomed by God at a tender age to hear, see, know and guide divinely, Sadira has used her giftings throughout her life to strengthen & encourage, unlock destinies, correct, and redirect the paths of many across the world from
prostitutes and pimps to politicians and pastors.


In all of her accomplishments as a spiritual leader, mentor, life coach, friend, and family member what she prides herself in most is helping people tap into the heart and will of their maker concerning their own life and circumstances.


The genuine love that she has for people; a nurturing, protective, “motherly” love, is felt in her warm demeanor as well as her explicit candor. Sadira lives life as an open book sharing her experiences and wisdom for all to learn from. Sadira is the founder and senior guide (coach) of Full Potential Mentoring & Mastery Programs and the Pastor of Ekklesia Global Ministries based in Chandler, Arizona.

Sadira is the mother of 4 biological children, (2 of which are adults), she has 3 grandchildren, and a host of spiritual sons and daughters. 

Interesting Fact: Often asked what her name means: Sadira means star, or constellation (a group of stars), and a strong shading tree (Lotus) or Lotus flower which is equally significant in that throughout many cultures it has been seen as a powerful spiritual image representing life (life-giver), divine birth and spiritual development. Since it rises from mud and unclean water to blossom on the water's surface as a pure uncontaminated flower it is also seen to represent purity and resurrection.


Her middle name means lamb. The StarLamb brand was birthed from the very essence of her person. 

Living Purposeful and Victorious

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